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Posted By: Scott McCullar
11-Mar-98 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: River of Smoke (from Burl Ives)
Subject: Burl Ives song
I've been web searching record dealers extensively in search of a copy of a song for my father. (I've been finding quite a bit of The Limeliters for myself too). I have what I hope is a simple request. My father remembers hearing a song by Burl Ives on the radio during 1950 when he was in the Air Force called "River of Smoke" with the lyric something like "There's a river of smoke, running through my home town." Now I'm no amateur at record collecting, or hunting through used record stores, or searching on-line dealers or data bases, but I've been unable to find any listing of it by this title. I haven't found a complete record bibliography of Burl's recordings yet either though. Might someone familiar with Burl's canon of recordings verify: -what the song's true title is (if they recognize the lyric?) -what album it might appear on (so I know which album to record search from dealers?)

I can't get the E-mail button to work on the Burl Ives' web page, or I'd ask them. I know better than to ask anyone to burn a lot of their time for me, but putting me on the right track would be appreciated. (Hey, 'track'. I think that's a joke.) Thanks! Scott McCullar Houston TX