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Posted By: Barry Finn
02-Jun-08 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Review: Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie/Glenlogie
Subject: Review: Bonnie Jeannie O' Bethelnie/Glenlogie
I've known of this song for a very long time but never took it up. Now I'm going about my business singing the few verse of it I can remember. Well for the past couple of weeks it's been haunting me & for no good reason other than it's a great song. I haven't heard it in a while & haven't run across anything that's brought it to he forefront of my mind. So I can only say that it's gonna haunt me till I learn it. I like iDick Gaughan's version in the DT but I'n not Dick & I don't sound like Dick & my speech isn't at all Scottish sound like Dick, plus some of the words in his version I don't understand. So I'm not keen on doing what he does but I would be keen on something close to it. I can't understand alot of what Dick sings unless I slow him down (sometimes that would mean putting him in reverse) or listen to him a few times over, which I find is not a bad thing to do at all. Any suggestions?
Another question, I searched & surprizingly found no discussions about this song, history, origins if there's any fact & why are both or whatever, so if anyone can add more to it would they please do so.
Though some versions have the last names different in most one or the other is a Gordon, what's up with that?