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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
02-Jun-08 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Review: Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie/Glenlogie
Subject: RE: Review: Bonnie Jeannie O' Bethelnie/Glenlogie
I always loved this song, and first heard Gordeanna McCulloch sing it (beautifully) on one of The Clutha's albums. Try to hunt it down and give it a listen if you haven't heard it. I seem to recall that on the album they called it "Glenlogie" though her words are closer to Dick Gaughan's than to the Glenlogie in the DT (I remember the nine and nine maidens). Unfortunately this was an LP and not a CD so I have no way of playing it now to refresh my memory and (ha!) help out with the words.

Can't answer any of the historical questions but I'll watch this thread with interest - somebody's bound to know.