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Posted By: Barry Finn
02-Jun-08 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: Les Chansons de la France
Subject: RE: Les Chansons de la France
Not a French song so much as about an Austraian Priest who goes to Franc. It's pump shanty found in Harlow's Chanting Aboard American ships. Thought it might be of some interest here.

Priests & Nuns

A priest in Austria thought one day
1st Ch. Ho, Ho, Ho
He'd go to France without delay
2nd Ch. Hal-ler-al-le-re. hal-ler-al-le-ra
He'd go to France without delay
3rd Ch. Hal-ler-al-le-re, Ho, Ho

So when the father came to France
Ho, Ho, Ho
T'was seven sick nuns he found by chance
Hal-ler-al-le-re, hal-ler-al-le-ra
Seven sick nuns he found by chance
Hal-ler-al-le-re, Ho, Ho

He saw these nuns in the convent yard
All laying down on benches hard

He gave these nuns his calling card                        
And asked may I come in your yard

To one he asked what he could
I'm priest as well as doctor too

A sick nun then made quick reply
Said treat me father ere I die
With cane in hand a walking stick
And he touched that nun so very quick

The others quickly ran to see
And asked the priest what could it be

A medicine stick in my hand I hold
To cure all sick nuns in my fold

Another nun that lay close by
Cried father none so sick as I

He treated all the nuns alike
And said he'd call another night

Their money gone they looked in vain
For the priest that carried the medicine cane