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Posted By: Abby Sale
29-May-00 - 08:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bogie's Bonny Belle
Subject: Lyr Add: BOGIE'S BONNIE BELLE (Archie Fisher)

                       BOGIE'S BONNIE BELLE
                        (per Archie Fisher, on Archie Fisher, Xtra - LP, c1969)

As I gaed in by Huntley toon, yin morning for tae fee
I fell in wi' Bogie o' Cairnie and wi' him I did agree

Tae ca' his twa best horses, or cairt or [ferry] a ploo' 1
(Tae work the twa best horses in either cairt or ploo') 2
(Tae drive his twa best horses, likewise his cairt and ploo') 3
Or dae onything aboot fairmwork I very well could do.

Now Bogie had a daughter, and her name was Isabelle
She was the flower o' the valley and the primrose o' the dell

And when she gaed oot walkin', she chose me for her guide
Down by the burn o' Cairnie, tae watch sma' fishes glide 4

The first three months being past and o'er, this lassie lost her bloom
An' the red fell frae her rosey cheeks and her eyes began to swoon

When nine long months were past and gane, she brought forth tae me a son
And I was quickly called for tae see what could be done

I said that I would marry her but no, that wudna do
For, "You're no' a match for ma bonnie Belle, an' she's no' a match for you"

Well now she's married tae a tinkler chiel, wha bides in Huntley toon
He mends pots and pans and paraffin lamps, an' he scours the country roon

Aye, an' maybe she's gotten a better lad; auld Bogie canna tell
So fareweel ye lads o' Huntlyside and Bogie's bonnie Belle

1 That's just one or two words I don't get.  Sorry.  Maybe I got it & it means "ironwork" (sharpen, eg) a
   plough.  But I doubt it.
2 Greig~Duncan, Vol 7, version "K"
3 Hall/Buchan The Scottish Folksinger, a collated version - no attribution
4 This reminds me of our dates when we first got driver's licences at age 16.  We'd often go off of an
  evening with our dates to watch the submarine races.