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Posted By: black walnut
30-May-00 - 01:57 PM
Thread Name: Fretted Dulcimer Bowing Bridges
Subject: RE: Fretted Dulcimer Bowing Bridges
Lorraine Hammond has a bowing bridge on her dulcimer and although she doesn't bow often, she can pick up the bow for a verse or two without having to change instruments. She uses an old small Suziki bow. Apparently it is not at all necessary to change bridges to play with fingerpicking, pick or bow. The idea of a bowing bridge appeals to me, although it's so long now since I've heard her actually do it that I have the tiniest hesitation about doing it to my own instrument, although I suppose it's far from permanent if I'm not happy with it. I just wonder how it will make a difference to my technique.

I've heard bowed psaltery and it is a marvellous instrument in the right hands. I think that a bowed dulcimer might be quite a bit more versitile, however, because of the various tunings I can get into.

Since I live in Canada, and prefer not to ship my dulcimer across the border more than necessary, Dwain Wilder has said that if I send him my regular bridge, he'll send that back to me, and a matching bowing bridge, within a few days. So, I have to decide when I can "do without" my dulcimer for a few days! Hmmmmmm............

Thanks, Brendy, 'hopper, and 'spaw.
Any others' opinions on the topic are still very welcome.

~black walnut