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Posted By: Joe Offer
30-May-00 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Irish songs (lots of songs here)
Subject: RE: Seeking Irish Lyrics
Hi, Philippa - I dunno. I think it's probably best to have threads like this that are collections of interrelated songs, rather than have them scattered in separate threads. Of course, it's helpful if the SUBJECT box in messages has ADD: Song Title in it, but I'll get around to changing the errant titles in this thread, sooner or later.
You'll note that I have added the lyrics to several of the songs that people provided links to. The general policy is that if the lyrics have not been posted in the database or the forum, please post 'em, even if you've found them at another site (I would suppose that songs that are clearly not folk or blues would be an exception, and a link to them would suffice). If a song is already in the database or forum, don't post it again unless you have corrections or a different version - if we already ahve it, just post a link or search instructions.
I see that some of the songs we've found are quite recent, so maybe they're not the ones Rebecca's grandmother sang; or maybe they're modern versions of traditional songs (or maybe granny is MY age...).
Although I have linked to recordings of a couple of the songs, it would be nice if somebody could transcribe them. I don't have the time for that right now.
Ifg you have additional information on the history or background of any of these songs, please post it. It's a wonderful selection of songs, isn't it?
Thanks, everybody.

-Joe Offer-