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Posted By: Joe Offer
30-May-00 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Irish songs (lots of songs here)
Subject: RE: Seeking Irish Lyrics
Gee, we're close. I couldn't find "To Ladies' Eyes," but I found somewhere that it's a poem/song written by Thomas Moore. Will that help somebody find it?
There are several songs that mention Dungannon, but there's a message somewhere that makes mention of an Irish rebel song called "Dugannon Town." Anybody got it?
I don't thing we've found the "Blackwaterside" song Rebecca is looking for - or have we? "O Ro Song of the Sea" is still questionable, too. "Broken Wings" ain't here yet, either; and same with "I Know My Faith..." and "Gathering Place/Pace." I don't think Rebecca gave us enough to find "There Was a Lady" for certain, but at least we gave her a couple of links to look at. Oh, and "Wild Wind" is missing, too.
I'd say we've done well, and have a right to be darn proud of ourselves.
-Joe Offer-