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Posted By: JamesJim
30-May-00 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Subject: RE: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Kendall, I would remind you that Bill Clinton and Al Gore supported NAFTA and lobbied strongly for it. With regard to abortions, there are no extremists running in this election (despite what one side may say about the other). Roe vs. Wade is safe.

Our economy is rapidly changing to a global one and I for one believe that will be good for this Country and it's citizens. Yes, there has to be fair trade, but we can't stick our head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. It's a new age - just look at Mudcat to see how we are becoming more global. Citizens from all over the world are members. The only danger is for those who try to stand and fight - who want to keep things the same - who want to be isolationists - who think change is bad. Life goes on! Sincere and kindest regards. Jim