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Posted By: Charley Noble
10-Jun-08 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Fifth string capo
Subject: RE: Fifth string capo
I still favor the HO spikes, the old style with the off-set heads. The new round-head HO spikes don't work.

I guess I really don't like to install what I consider garish hardware on a banjo neck, even if it functions well.

I usually install three spikes: at the 7th, 10th, and 12th frets. But it all depends on what major keys you prefer to play in or sing. Most of my instrumental work is done out of the C or F position with the 2nd string tuned up half a tone. I used to play with contradance bands and most of their tunes were in G, D, or A and if I capoed to the 2nd fret I could do quick changes without retuning the 5th string; well, I did have to retune the 2nd string to play an open A. The net result made life easier for me.

And after I left the contradance scene I found the tuning was useful for singing as well.

Charley Noble