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Posted By: Deckman
11-Jun-08 - 01:54 AM
Thread Name: Need Info: Seventh son of a seventh son
Subject: RE: Need Info: Seventh son of a seventh son
Both of my Grandmothers were healers. My Finnish Grandmother came to America when she was 16 (1896). She was an "Old Speaker" ... we were very close. My American Grandmother was a minister in the American Pentecostal church. She taught me hands on healing when I was seven. By eight I was "speakin in tongues."

At that very early age we knew I had the gift. I couldn't explain it ... didn't even try. I (we) just knew it worked. At the age of ten I witnessed things that drove me from the church.

About twenty years ago I was staying with my cousin for a few months. She was hurting in her arm. I tried the healing and it worked. It scared the hell out of both of us.

And NO, I'm NOT the 7th son of the 7th son ... if I was, and if wanted, I could probably rule the world! CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson