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Posted By: Jed at Work
31-May-00 - 03:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why Do People start biased, imflammatory
Subject: RE: BS: Why Do People start biased, imflammatory
good thoughts Jon. I agree the issue is well worth discussing, but I am not as generous as you about the author's original intent. I must say; when I have been faced personally with the misfortune or hurt of others, my initial response isn't to tell my neighbor it's his fault (even if I thought it was). My first thought is to roll up my sleeves and offer what ever help I can.

We all get angry (and some get uncomfortable) over the misfortune of others - it helpful to take those issues where we can make a difference and get involved personally to do just that (make a difference) - it counter-productive, and in fact harmful to point a finger at some one else and say "it's your fault all this happened" and believe we make a system that eliminates misfortune and evil from the world.