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Posted By: GUEST,Jean M.
31-May-00 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Awake Ye Drowsy Sleepers (Ian & Sylvia)
Subject: ADD Version: DROWSY SLEEPER
There is also a version that goes like this:


Arise, arise, you slumbering sleeper,
Arise, arise, 'tis almost day,
Open your doors, your doors, and windows,
And hear what your tru lover does say.

O, who is this, that knocks at my window,
And speaks my name, so familiarly?
'Tis James, 'tis James, your own true lover,
Who wants to speak one word with thee.

Go away from my window, you'll waken my father,
He's lying down, ataking his rest,
In his hand he holds a weapon,
To kill the one that my heart loves best.

Go away from window, you'll waken my mother,
Such tales of love she scorns to hear,
Better go court, go court some other,
She softly whispered in her loves' ear.

I won't go court, go court some other,
By what I say I mean no harm,
I want to win you from your father,
And rest you in a true lovers arms.

This is on a CD that I bought at Maryland Renaissance Festival. "I Feel My Heart Fly" by Darcy Nair-Bond