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Posted By: Kelida
31-May-00 - 11:31 PM
Thread Name: Kind Acts, just do it!
Subject: RE: Kind Acts, just do it!
For everyone who has children--read them a bedtime story or sing them a song.

Don't get pissed at the guy who just cut you off on the highway, just think--maybe his day has been as stressful as yours.

Tip the waitress a little extra--it's a tough job, and maybe you'll make up for some of the cheapos who don't tip at all. Also, tip the street musicians--they deserve it.

Strike up a friendly conversation with a teenager or any young person--we like that, you know. Share your wisdom with the younger generation--too few of us have the connection we need with our elders. Even if it's that kid all in black with pink hair, they'll probably be grateful.

Hug a tree--literally. It sounds silly, but do it--you might feel a little more in touch with nature. Show the earth you love her.