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Posted By: Kelida
31-May-00 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why Do People start biased, imflammatory
Subject: RE: BS: Why Do People start biased, imflammatory
What is "offensive"? Honestly, I am not offended by the word "fat" being used to describe Americans. Over 20% of our population actually IS considered obese (20% or more overweight). Big deal. I'm sure that there are ethnic jokes about EVERY race, but all they are anymore (except to a few mean-spirited people) is JOKES. Get over it, everyone.

I imagine you could say I am one of those who has little to contribute here (note my recent lack of posting) but I came here to learn more and in the hopes that someday I will feel less than completely musically inferior to everyone here and that I will someday be ABLE to contribute. I enjoy the BS threads. It makes me remember that you guys are all REAL PEOPLE and not just musical information machines. Of course, real people have feelings, such as anger and indignance, that tend to get in the way of what has been called "intelligent conversation."

I just wish that everyone would remember that we are all just people. Everyone here is human, and as such, we are not infallible, nor can anyone please everyone all the time. It only takes one person to be offended and start a fight, and, naturally, everyone will take sides.

Please everyone--try not to be offended by comments that are made jokingly, and THINK before you post something that could ruin a good thread. The worst threads I've seen are the ones that degenerate into argument. Please just try to be kind, and make sure that if you are joking, everyone knows it. Since we can't hear each other here, make sure to write as clearly as possible. Everyone's human. . . and we all make mistakes.