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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
16-Jun-08 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Let's talk John Prine
Subject: RE: Let talk John Prine
First saw John Prine at the Philly Folk Festival sometime in the 70's. He sang "The Great Compromise" and I was hooked. Being a Vietnam Vet I think it struck a chord.

He was also in an early concert. Unfortunately, he was three sheets to the wind. He was bothered by a fly that was buzzing around him on stage. He tried to swat it and was so uncoordinated he nearly fell down. Hilarious and not so hilarious at the same time. Still liked his music, though.

I believe he achieved some sort of recovery prior to his Burnt Orange release.

I guess I last saw him about three years ago. He sold out a summer venue in Baltimore. I was amazed at the diversity of folks who were attracted to his music. It was not a typical folk crowd and not quite a rock and roll crowd. He put on a fine show.

Roger in Baltimore