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Posted By: Piers Plowman
16-Jun-08 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Sea songs for children
Subject: RE: Sea songs for children
What Do Ye Do With the Drunken Sailor?

Blow Ye Winds

A Rovin' (you might not want to explain exactly what trade the maid was mistress of!)

Rollickin' Bill (or Barnacle Bill) the Sailor (perhaps cleaned up a little)

Assuming rivers are acceptable as well as oceans:


Un Voyageur Errant

Just last night I was looking at Frank Shay's _American Sea-Songs and Shanteys_ (I think that's the title). There are at least a couple songs about pirates in there.

_Henry Morgan_, of course, is about a pirate.

There are lots of songs involving the sea in Peter Kennedy's book _Folksongs of the Britain and Ireland_. I could have a look through my various songbooks.

Actual shanteys and other work songs were generally sung very slowly, to go along with the work. Many "sea songs" would rather have been sung in the forecastle (if memory serves).   I'm sure there are others here who are much more knowledgable on the subject.