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Posted By: DADGBE
01-Jun-00 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: Songs of Anxiety about technology
Subject: RE: Songs of Anxiety about technology
Hi all,
Thanks for the help with Main Rueh Platz.
There's an alternatative group of songs to which Dick alluded; that of pride in technology.

Remember Georgie who was ..."proud to die for the engine I love"...? How about those cowboy songs which brag about being the best with a horse and riding and roping. There's the Aussie sheepshearer who sang, "If I don't shear a tally before I'm through, into the river my shears I'll throw." In Newcastle the colliers sing, "I can hew, boys, I can hack it out. I can hew the coal, I can dance and shout. I can hew, boys the coal that's black and fine. I'm a collier lad and I'm working down the mine."

How about a new thread, Art?