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Posted By: Brian Hoskin
17-Jun-08 - 05:18 AM
Thread Name: Let's talk John Prine
Subject: Lyr Add: ONE RED ROSE (John Prine)
So many great songs, as witnessed by the range of choices above. The thing about John Prine for me is that some of his songs can make you laugh, whilst others can make you cry. He has a genius for setting a very vivid scene or completely describing a character in just a couple of lines. He's written far more 'I wish I'd written that' songs than anyone else I can think of.

How's this for an example of his picture painting in song:

Written by John Prine
As recorded by John Prine on “Storm Windows” (1980)

The rain came down on the tin roof; hardly
A sound was left from the birthday party.
The kitchen light fell asleep on the bedroom floor.
Me and her were talking softer
Than all the time before I lost her.
Picture sat on top of the chest of drawers.

CHORUS: One red rose in the Bible,
Pressed between the holy alphabet.
Probably wouldn't believe you if you told me,
But what I never knew I never will forget.

Rainy nights get dark real early.
Her dress was soft and her hair was curly.
We danced around the table to the old banjo.
Rainy nights were made for lovers.
We lay there still beneath the covers,
And I ain't never felt like that before. CHORUS

What I never knew I never will forget.