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Posted By: Piers Plowman
17-Jun-08 - 06:41 AM
Thread Name: Sea songs for children
Subject: RE: Sea songs for children
A couple of corrections:

"Henry Martin" not "Henry Morgan". I think there was a pirate named Henry Morgan, though.

"Un Canadien Errant" not "Un Voyageur Errant". There's another song called "The Young Voyageur" ("Le Jeun Voyageur" or "Le Voyageuer Jeun", perhaps?)

"The Coast of High Barbary" is about pirates.

John Connelly's "Fiddler's Green" is about a fisherman.

Shel Silverstein's "The Unicorn" involves Noah's ark.

"The Greenland Whale Fisheries"

"Jamaica Farewell"

"The Sloop John B"

You can probably find the lyrics and possibly the chords easily in the internet. The melodies may prove to be more difficult. _The Fireside Book of Folksongs_, once very popular but now out of print, has some of the songs I've mentioned and several others.

The book I mentioned by Frank Shay is probably long out of print. I didn't have the title quite right. I believe it's _American Sea-Songs and Chanteys_, but I will have to check again.

"Henry Martin" is in _The Joan Baez Songbook_.

"Henry Martin" and the "Greenland Fisheries" are in Klaus Buh'e's (that's supposed to be an "e" with an acute accent) _Englische Lieder and Balladen_ (English Songs and Ballads), published, I believe, by Schott. I bought it recently. The keys are suited for the guitar and not particularly for singers.

There are probably songs involving the sea in the various volumes of Heinrich M"oller's "Das Lied der Voelker". Sadly, this series has gone out of print again, and I only own a handful of them.