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Posted By: GUEST,Chief Chaos
17-Jun-08 - 07:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech, eh?
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech, eh?
I on't want it to sound like I agree with the author, I'm far from what might even be considered a conservative, however I don't think they have grounds to sue him for hate speach. There are movements for Sharia law and other extremist movements that are taking place on at least two different continents not to mention several island states in southeast asia.

It's like the TSA folks strip searching a little old white lady from Pasadena at the airport. She doesn't fit the profile of the folks that caused 9-11, or the ongoing conflicts in Sudan, Somalia, and Malaysia.

I know there are moderate and even liberal Moslems but they need to announce a Jihad against their radical brethren. That's where the bad press really comes from. That is where this author is inspired to make his claims.

Without the radicals and the non-radical groups that refuse to condem them this guy wouldn't be able to sell his book.