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Posted By: DannyC
18-Jun-08 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: Let's talk John Prine
Subject: RE: Let's talk John Prine
About a decade ago, I worked with JP's first cousin - Candy W. - at the phone company in Louavul, KY. We got to be big buddies... when our branch came under control of a Columbus, Ohio center, Candy got me to run interference for her when we went up there 'cause she had never been north of the Ohio River and thought them folks might have some funny ways.   I wuz a Yankee she could trust - everything worked out fine.

It wuz Candy and her branch of the family who brought their shared Granpappy down to the big weddin' in Nashville (she said Prine married an Irish girl). Candy says after the big bash on the way home to Western Kentucky, Pappy wuz riled up sayin', "Did you see all that food and flowin' wine. They spent a fortune... They must a spent evey dime they had." AND "I don't see what the big deal wuz about them guitar pickers. Ol' (so n' so) from home could pick rings around them boys down there." (Apparantly the reception featured a cavalcade of stars - Nashville cats.)   

Candy loved telling that story and I loved hearing it - every time. That's all I got for now...