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Posted By: Splott Man
19-Jun-08 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: Sea songs for children
Subject: RE: Sea songs for children
These are the verses of Skipper Jan Rebec I adapted or wrote for the under-6s ("toddlerised" we call it):

Who's the King of the fighting Dutch? - Skipper Jan Rebec.
Who do the sailors fear so much? - SJR

Ja, ja, leave your hammocks,
Ja, ja, hands on deck,
Ja, ja, break your backs for SJR.

Who do the sailors think is scary?
Who is big and strong and hairy?

Who can fight a hundred men?
And then come back and do it again?

Who is strong and brave and bold?
Who stole all the Spanish gold?

Who stole all the tea from China,
And sold it all in Carolina?

Who can drink ten cups of tea,
And never needs to have a wee?

Who can eat a ton of jelly?
It goes wobble wobble wobble wobble in his belly?

Not exactly original, but they're effective.


Here are some extra verses to Drunken Sailor too:

Comb his hair and clean his glasses.

Put him in the shower and dress him up tidy.

Lock him in the cabin with the captain's parrot.

Sign him up for a month in the Priory.


Of course not all of them work for toddlers...

Splott Man