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Posted By: GUEST,Rambling Syd Rumpo
21-Jun-08 - 12:21 PM
Thread Name: The English Guitar/Cittern
Subject: RE: The English Guitar/Cittern
'Ello me dearie-os, As 'e must know boi now, WAV yurr bain't got no sense of humour, so in his honour oid loike to sing a Traditional Englis ballad (very sad indeed) oi come across whilst...well never mind we go *strums cittern*...It be called

The Ballad of The Wogglers Moulie

(To the tune of `Clementine')
Joe he was a young cordwangler,
Monging greebles he did go,
For he loved a bogler's daughter,
By the name of Chiswick Flo.

Vain she was and like a grusset,
Though her ganderparts were fine,
But she sneered at his cordwangle,
As it hung upon the line.

So he stole a woggler's moulie,
For to make a wedding ring,
But the Bow Street Runners caught him,
And the Judge said he will swing.

So they hung him by the postern,
Nailed his moulie to the fence,
For to warn all young cordwanglers,
That it was a grave offence.

There's a moral to this story,
Though your cordwangle be poor,
Keep your hands off others moulies,
For it is against the law............ohhhhhh!