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Posted By: Genie
21-Jun-08 - 06:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Any Old Time (Jimmie Rodgers)
Subject: Chords Add: ANY OLD TIME (Jimmie Rodgers)

(Jimmie Rodgers)

Oh, ley-he-ee, ah-le-oh-lay-he-he
D'yo-del-ay-he-he, d'yo-del-ay-hee.

[G]I just received your letter.
You're [C]down-and-out, you [D]say.

At [A]first I thought I would tell you
to tra[D]vel on the other way.[D7]

But [G]in my memory lingers
all you [G7]once were to [C]me.

I'm going to (Am)give you an[G]other [E7]chance
to [D7]prove what you can [G]be.

Any old ti[G]me
You want to [D7]come back [G]home,[G7]

Dr[C]op me a line
and say no [D7]mo' you'll [G]roam.

Y[D]ou had your cha[D7]nce
to pl[C]ay the game f[A]ir.

But [A]When you left me, sweet[A7]heart,
you on[D]ly left a load of ca[D7]re.

N[G]ow that(D7) you're (G)down,
I'm [C]gonna to stick by [G]you.

If [A]you will only tell (A7)me
your roam[D]ing days are thr(D7)ough.

Yo[G]u'll find me here,
like the day you le[G7]ft me al[C]one

Any old ti[G]me [D7]
you want to come back ho[G]me.