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Thread Name: Irish Songbook Index PermaThread
Subject: Index: Songs of Resistance
Next a large collection of songs published by Cló Saoirse / Irish Freedom Press, associated, I think, with one of the republican movements.
Title: Songs of Resistance (1968 - 2001)
Fourth Enlarged Edition
Publ. 2001
ISBN 0 9518567 5 8

Paperback collection of over 100 songs. Lyrics only; familiar tunes suggested in many cases. Despite title, many older songs included.There may be an associated CD - of which I don't have a copy.

A Nation Once Again        102
Amhrán na bhFiann        121
Ann Devlin        31
Ballad of Francis Hughes        6
Ballad of Thomas Smyth        35
Ballad of Tourmakeady Fight        114
Battle of the Bogside        82
Belfast Brigade        40
Bring Them Home        49
Brussels - The Three Brass Balls        61
Charlie Kerins        95
Come by the Hills        83
Dán Máirseála na bhFiann        120
Dán Máirseála na nGael        110
Derry's Streets        38
Éamonn Lafferty        41
England's Gallows Tree        98
England's Vietnam        34
Fir na Cise Fada        66
Follow Me Up to Carlow        25
For What Died the Sons of Róisín?        113
Forget not the Field        101
Four Green Fields        27
Free Belfast        43
Free the People        26
Freedom Walk        81
Freedom's Sons        ll
George Plant        96
God Bless This Land        4
Grá Mo Chroí        3
H-Block Long Kesh        36
H-Block Song        44
James Connolly        15
James Larkin        14
Joe McDonnell        107
Kevin Coen        52
Listen to the Sound of Marching Feet        64
London's Derry        50
Lonely Banna Strand        16
Lynch's Merry Men        67
MacSwiney Taught Us How To Die        99
Maintain the Border Haughey        29
Maurice ONeill        97
My Little Armalite        8
Nineteen Men        78
Ninety Miles From Dublin        62
On the Blanket        59
Only Our Rivers Run Free        5
Oration by Pádraic Pearse Delivered at the Grave of O'Donovan Rossa in Glasnevin Cemetery. Dublin, August 1, 1915        86
Óró Sé Do Bheatha 'Bhaile!        4
Over the Wall        32
Poblacht na hÉireann        88
Rubber Bullets        37
Say Hello to the Provos        76
Seán Sabhat from Garryowen        39
Shall My Soul Pass Through Ireland?   80
Show Me the Man        83
Sunday, Bloody Sunday        22
Tá an tIarthar Beo        42
Take Courage from the Blanket Men        55
Take it down from the Mast        64
Ten Deathless Heroes Die - and Ireland Lives 17
The 1913 Lockout        28
The Aldergrove Plane        65
The Ballad of Billy Reid        69
The Ballad of Bobby Sands        9
The Ballad of Francis Hughes        7
The Ballad of Hugh Coney - He Died to be a Free Man 84
The Ballad of John Greene        51
The Ballad of Long Kesh        2
The Ballad of Michael Gaughan        75
The Ballad of Tom Williams        96
The Battle of Derry        48
The Battle of South Armagh        46
The Birds of Freedom        90
The Boys Of The Old Brigade        54
The Broad Black Grimmer        68
The Capitalist Game        27
The Derry Brigade        38
The Felons of our Land        106
The Fianna Marching Song        119
The Gates of Port Laoise        45
The Gentle Black-and-Tan        117
The Grave of Wolfe Tone        103
The Great Escape        77
The Great Escape        20
The Helicopter Song        74
The Lid of My Granny's Bin        70
The Lonely Woods of Upton        116
The Long March to Derry        47
The Luck of the Irish        21
The Magherafelt Martyrs        79
The Magnificent Seven        19
The Man from God-Knows-Where        56
The Memory of the Dead        111
The Men Behind the Wire        1
The Men of Edentubber        23
The Men of the Revolution        33
The Men of the West        104
The Orange and The Green        18
The Rebel Heart        100
The Reluctant Patriot        71
The Rhythm of Time        30
The Rifles of the IRA        85
The Slimey Man        73
The Soldier's Song        121
The Soldiers of Cumann na mBan        118
The Three Flowers        24
The Tinker Song        91
The Toome Eel Fishery        72
The Voice of Bobby Sands        94
The Wind that Shakes the Barley        12
Thirteen Crosses        53
This Land is Your Land        112
Tom Williams        13
Tony Darcy and Jack MacNeela        95
Tourmakeady Third of May 1921        115
Twenty Men from Dublin Town        109
Who Dares to Say Forget the Past?        92
Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week?        10
Who is Ireland's Enemy?        108