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Posted By: GUEST,Big Brother Don
24-Jun-08 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Blind River IS a city, eh, Stilly River Sage? Well,'s a town.

Hey, Amos, man...that sounds pretty flippin' nifty about the 6 pack, but I got a 24 in the fridge...and HEY have I got a deal YOU can't pass up that beats all. You lissenin'? I got a fine flippin' truck here to sell, but I was savin' it for someone who deserves it, eh? Someone who is a real pal.

Okay, so this ain't no small truck I'm talkin' about. This ain't no pickup or little 4 x 4. This is a flippin' 18-wheeler and it's almost like new. It is sittin' right out by the highway right now, just waitin' fer a new owner.   

I would not make this offer to anyone, man, but for you...I am willin' to take $16,000 dead even. This is for a truck that is worth 25 times that at least, eh?

You just send me $16,000 buckaroonies in US $ cash, small bills...or I will take a cheque, but only if it is a certified cheque, eh? Send it by currier to Box 99 in Blind River and made out to Don McBride.

This offer is only good for 3 DAYS!!!! Act fast, man.

When I receive this money which I know you are gonna send me cos you ain't stupid...then I will mail you the papers and all, and I will even hire a local guy to drive the flippin' truck down to your place in California.

What a deal, eh? Beats hell out of a buried 6-pack, don't it?

- Don McBride