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Posted By: Bill D
24-Jun-08 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech, eh?
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech, eh?
*sigh*..Carol, you are of course, right in what you say about 'most' Muslims being non-violent, but it still does not address the problem.

'Most' folks in the inner-city ghettos are aslo non-violent, but those who do espouse and employ violence color the entire issue. Most of the Muslim population of the world does NOT engage in terrorism, but most of those who are committing acts of terrorism are Muslim. Muslim religion and culture is being corrupted to further extremist policies...BY other Muslims. The violence is being perpetrated in the name of Islam, whether most followers are involved or not...just as racial hatred was fomented in this country by supposed Christians and Christian values were corrupted and perverted to defend the hate.

In order for ANY group to combat evil being done in its name, cleansing must be done from within the group and led by recognized persons in the group! As long as minor clerics get away with declaring Fatwas against anyone they don't like, for political purposes, Muslims in general will be seen as dangerous and the vicious circle where this leads to more recruitment of impressionable young Muslims as terrorists will continue!

I am given to understood that telling young men that Paradise awaits those who volunteer as suicide bombers is a lie and a perversion of Islamic laws. Yet it happens... Who is responsible for saying so? Catholics have the Pope...who among Muslims can authoritatively tell young men that is is NOT right and that they will NOT be rewarded?

That is my point...IN the areas where most terrorists are being recruited, moderates take risks speaking out. Something must happen to break this chain.