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Posted By: wysiwyg
26-Jun-08 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Small' Strokes
Subject: RE: BS: 'Small' Strokes
(ANOTHER corrected post)

Hi, good BP. :~)

I'll look into that if it spikes again, but I'm good for now.

It's so much better now that I KNOW!

Another effect-- I forget to plan things that are not immediately on my mind-- simple things like thawing something in the AM for dinner in the PM. I'm also becoming more aware just how beautiful Hardi has been in the way he watches my back-- he never used to ask, in the AM, what dinner would be. Dinner just happened, and it was always a nice surprise. But this AM I realized he'd just incorporated it into the "what are YOU planning to do today" that's become a nice daily AM routine focusing us both on our day's intentions, and making a context for "how did YOUR day go" later in the day. I don't exactly need minute-by-minute reminders, but a structure where each thing prompts the next in the series intended, that works.

Cleansing tears looking at the upside, in the midst of a frustrated feeling, spur the re-wiring and spotting/using good coping mechanisms. Another help has been making sleep a real daily priority instead of an occasional luxury, balanced by tiny doses of caffeine through the day up to about 4PM.