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Posted By: kendall
26-Jun-08 - 12:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: DC Gun Ban Banned
Subject: RE: BS: DC Gun Ban Banned
The word "Concealed" does not appear anywhere in the second amendment. Therefore, under the 9th amendment, concealed is permitted.

You people who think gun owners are all crackpots are not seeing the whole picture. The fact is, there are plenty of guns in DC and they are mostly in the hands of the bad guys. Lifting that ban only levels the field so honest people have the same option. It does not mean that if all hands have guns that we will all shoot each other, That's stupid.

The State of Maine has over 10,000 concealed permits out there, and I have never heard of anyone using his gun to shoot anyone.
If you can pass a background check, which you must to get a permit, you are not apt to use your gun in committing a crime.

15 years ago, Florida had a crime wave of armed thugs using guns against unarmed victims. It got to where foreigners stopped coming to Florida; I even knew a retired state trooper who would not venture south of Gainsborough!
Then, Florida passed a right to carry law and the crime rate tanked. Why? because the bad guys could no longer know who was a mark and who might shoot back.

We live in a violent society. No question about it, but disarming the honest while the crooks are allowed to run rampant is just plain stupid.

A sword, in its scabbard, keeps another so.

Besides, it's all England's fault. The excesses of the King's government that tried to disarm the colonists to make them easier to control only made them worse. Great Britain is indirectly responsible for the second amendment.

As the Jews say about the holocaust, "Never again".

By the way, I really resent the implication that gun owners are of inferior intelligence.