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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
26-Jun-08 - 09:51 PM
Thread Name: Walkaboutsverse
Subject: RE: Walkaboutsverse
Here's one I posted before...better re-read the last verse carefully, before you start putting music to it!!!!!
Besides, if the music is as bad as some of the 'poetry' in here,..well, I think you should think twice,..(or even once)
Jeez, can't even share something with anyone, without some no-brain clown wanting to short-step, and use it!..Write your own stuff!!!!

What is the poetry corner..?
I thought it was this
Walkaboutsverse is a person? I did not know
Its a good name for a thread
What else did I miss??

When I first came to the forum
Voiced opinion, and posted no song
Spoke distrust about stereo politicians
Speaking out both sides of their mouth
Tis simple, I'm right,you're wrong!

As to posting in a corner
Where poets congregate
I thought I'd limit it here
Take it but no where else
Making it all fodder, food for hate

So now I understand
And now you must realize
Lift it from here,
To place anywhere, save your heart
Copyrighted stuff would be plagerized!

If all the world is a stage...where does the audience sit?