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Posted By: lamarca
02-Jun-00 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: Songs of Anxiety about technology
Subject: RE: Songs of Anxiety about technology
Art, there are a whole bunch of wonderful English songs from the time of the Industrial Revolution, when people were being displaced by technology. Many are collected in Roy Palmer's "A Touch on the Times" (mentioned above) and Jon Raven's "Victoria's Inferno". Most of the ones I know are from the textile industry - some classics that have been recorded by many singers are:

Cropper Lads - solve the problem of machines taking your job away by smashing the machine

The Triumph of General Ludd - sung by Roy Harris on an old Topic LP, this is a pro-Luddite paean

The Handweaver and the Factory Maid - love among the steam looms

Four Loom Weaver - a handweaver's lament about hard times of industrialization

Just wanted folks to know that anxiety about technology is hardly a new phenomenon!