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Posted By: JohnInKansas
28-Jun-08 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Small' Strokes
Subject: RE: BS: 'Small' Strokes
I cut the No-Doz in half but it's scored-- dunno if I could find a 1/4 size.

Your pharmacist can sell you a "pill splitter" that will allow you to split even the tiniest of pills, scored or not. Shouldn't cost you more than about $1 (US), and easier and much more accurate than an oridnary knife or even a razor blade.

I have one pill that's less than 1/8" x 3/16" x 1/16" (30mm x 45mm x 15 mm) that I have to split to take half of one per day. It's a nuisance to have to go through the bottle and split them all, but buying the "correct" size pills almost doubles the net cost.

Some pills, mostly "timed release" or "extended release" types, shouldn't be split, but most of the common ones can be.

Note that the lower cost for larger pills that you split is usually the case but you should check before purchasing a bunch, since sometimes the "twice as big" pill actually costs more than twice as much as the size you want.