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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
30-Jun-08 - 02:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech, eh?
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech, eh?
Looking at history, the Ottomans in Constantinople-Istanbul and their empire not only tolerated but encouraged settlement by Greek Orthodox and Jewish businessmen.
The Muslims in Spain sometimes had their mosque adjacent to a synagogue (Toledo, Spain) and Jews prospered under their rule. In the diaspora when the Sephardic Jews and Muslims were expelled, many of the Jews kept their Muslim style names-- Abu-..., etc. Some of these Jews are still in Morocco, a Muslim country.
The Coptic Christians did well in Muslim Egypt.

Muslim intolerance developed slowly, building as their territories came under foreign domination, and some very peculiar land divisions were made, throwing diverse groups together (Afganistan, Iraq, etc.).
Their societies were under pressure.

The land grabs and mistreatment of Muslim (and Christian) Palestinians by the Israelis, aided by Zionist money and settlers from the United States, Canada and Europe, destabilized much of the Middle East. Lebanon, a once prosperous country, with large Christian elements, has become divided and chaotic.

Militants, angry, frustrated, and (in the case of Palestinian Muslims) dispairing of ever being free, multiplied rapidly.

Now Muslims in Malaysia, Indonesia, North Africa, Nigeria, China, England (as well as in Iran, Syria and Jordan where tolerance for non-Muslims has dropped drastically) are being infected.