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Posted By: Irene M
03-Jul-08 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is this a feline record?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this a feline record?
Cha-Cha (pronounced sha-sha) is downstairs sleeping off his tea.
Both houses have the same make of cat-flap. I realised what had happened when Cha-Cha head-butted the flap. So, I taped the catch down at my place and started to work out the nearest place I could get a collar on a Sunday.I did a search of his own back yard, but am sure the fight was in another garden, as I didn't find the collar or magnet.
I still have the late Gabriel's magnet (he never lost it, despite living riotously for nearly 12 years)so I just needed a collar.
I happened upon a spare flea collar next door and used that.
Next day, I got some spare magnets (I wanted Gabe's back)and a more robust collar. It took a whole tin of sardines to take his mind of it, but I got the collars changed without being bitten.
Lawrence is away for a fortnight. There will be a feline riot when she comes back and the supply of Whiskas pouches dries up. He has a permanent snack-bar in my kitchen, with the dried stuff and I hear him let himself in at all hours of the night.
He is a funny old squirt. He is 15 this month, and I think this is the first time he has had a garden. I believe he had always lived in flats. He is very grumpy, with a very sensitive tail. Stroke him anywhere behind his ears and he bites you.

John. I loved the video. The cat yodelling is a hoot.

My mother was once in service to a Siamese who could leap across your lap as you sat at the table, taking a rasher of bacon off your plate as she passed. Sort of high speed raid.

Well, I had better go and iron Cha-Cha's copy of The Times.