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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Jul-08 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Bedmaking
Subject: ADD: My Mither She Feed Me
Here's the song from Ord's Bothy Songs and Ballads (p. 198). I think I'd agree with Roud that it's a different song - almost seems like it could be a sequel to "Bedmaking," from the standpoint of the girl's relationship with her boyfriend after the "bedmaking" incident....


Mv mither she feed me when I was o'er young,
'Twas to a kind master that had a cruel dame;
My mistress and me could never agree,
And a' frae the kindness my master shew'd me.
She thocht frae his kindness he was fain o' me,
And, oh, meikle sorrow she made me to dree;
Gin it werna for thinking on the lad I lo'e best,
I am sure, in my mind, I could never ha'e a rest.

Oh! wae is my heart, for my lad didna ken,
How dearly I lo'ed him, when she did me blame,
But I'll live in hope thinkin' time will shew me true,
And expect aye to get him wha dearly I lo'e.
But sair it is to byde for a young honest heart
To be suspected fause, though the thocht mak's it smart I
I'll lippen aye to Providence to clear up it a'.
And maybe I'll get him that's now far awa.