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Posted By: Irene M
04-Jul-08 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Is this a feline record?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this a feline record?
And I thought it was only me who got the daft ones.

Nermal was about 4 weeks old when someone chucked her out of a car, and a friend's dog found her lodged in a stone wall, filthy and with her ears full of crap.
She was brought to me. Poor little sod was of course, traumatised for the rest of her short life. I brought home Nimrod from the RSPCA, as company and moral support for Nermal. Nimrod brought with her, Feline Leukemia, which is a whole other place that I won't go.
Nimrod was however, tremendously agile. She could walk the indoor sill of a sash window, turn round and walk back again. Nermal would try it and fall off. Nim would walk away smiling as Nermal fought her way out of a geranium.
I moved with them to a terraced house from a flat. They discovered that if they started in the bathroom at the back, they could get up enough speed to clear the top of the stairs into the front bedroom.
There was a regular thunder of 8 feet overhead. I couldn't make out, though, why the bedroom light was always on when I went up there.
I wasn't sleeping in there as I had paint to strip off the ceiling, and had leaned the bed bits and mattress against the wall.
Eventually the shredded mattress cover gave the game away. Nimrod was arriving in the bedroom, doing a handbrake turn, swarming up the mattress, grabbing the light pull and swinging on it a la Tarzan.
Well, I got the ceiling stripped (hey man, I can fly!) and moved on to putting up the shelves, which together with a rail and curtain rail were to be a wardrobe. I was under the lower shelf, screwing the hanging rail up when it went dark. Peer out. Nimrod, on the shelf above my head, hanging over to see just what I was doing in there. She had gone up the mattress and taken a very gentle flying leap.
She also liked to ride on your shoulders, and would swarm up your leg to get there. No warning, just "OUCH, Oh Hello". Nermal was far too clumsy to try it. A few days after Nimrod had had to be put down and Nermal was following me forlornly round the bedroom, I said "If you were Nimrod, I wouldn't be able to stand near the bed, otherwise she would be up my back." Nermal looked at me.....and swarmed (painfully on my part)up my back. She got to the top and "Oooohhhh. MUM! it's wobbly up here!" She never did it again, neither did she ever again respond directly to something I said.
The back climbing got to be a daily thing with Nimrod. I would go in the bathroom in the morning and soak my hair in the wash basin. As I did this, she would swarm up my legs and settle down, all relaxed in the small of my back. I then had to return to the bedroom bent double being ridden by a cat, and gently tip her off onto the bed.
So, who is daft. Them or me?