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04-Jul-08 - 05:16 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Bedmaking
Subject: ADD: The Gay Old Man
Here is one of the broadside versions.


My Father was a gay Old Man
He sent me to service when I was young,
My mistress and me we never could agree
Because my master he did like me.

My mistress sent me up aloft
To make her bed so nice and soft
My master followed after and gave to me a ring,
Saying take this Betsy for your bed-making.

My mistress coming up in great haste,
She caught my master round the waist
From the top to the bottom she did me fling,
Saying take this for your bed making.

First in the kitchen then in the hall,
Then in the parlour amongst them all
They ask'd me where I had been
I told them up aloft at the bed making.

My mistress turned me out of doors
She called me several dirty sluts,
She bade me walk til my shoes grew thin
And then I should remember the bed making.

When six long weeks were gone and past
Then this young maid grew sick at last,
She long'd for mutton veal and pig
Her stomach was little her body was big.

When nine months were gone and past
She brought forth a son at last,
And then she had it christened John,
And sent it home to the good old man.

Come all you maids where'er you be
Make your beds while you can see
For I made mine by candle light,
Which caused me to rue all the days of my life.

J. Pitts, London, bet. 1819-1844; Harding B25 (714), Bodleian Collection.
A printing by John Whiting, Birmingham, c. 1835, is essentially the same.