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Posted By: Frankham
04-Jun-00 - 02:19 PM
Thread Name: Woody Guthrie Traveling Exhibit Story
Subject: RE: Woody Guthrie Traveling Exhibit Story
I don't claim to know Woody intimately but I think he would take a dim view of his cannonization. He was interested in singing for picket lines, farm workers, labor rallies, and people he met in his travels. Don't think he would hang out with too many in the popular folkie set these days. He didn't care much for popular music of his day.

"I hate s song that makes a man feel low...."

Just from what I remember of him.

He was a guy who always told it like it is. Short, to the point and no BS. I was a kid then and he was very kind to me. He had a lot of compassion for people despite his erratic lifestyle which had a lot to do with the knowledge that he had of himself with Huntingtons. But he was all heart.

He was IMHO one of the best of all singer/songwriters everywhere and a great American folk "poet". I use the term loosely because he wrote lyrics which is different than straight poetry.

The important part of his writing which is the crux of every great art form is his economy, clarity and simplicity and specificity. No attempt to be profound, preachy or lapse into cliches or platitudes. And he played simply. He never tried to impress folks with his "musicality". And yet he assimilated the best of American rural country music and made it his own.

In this, he was in the best tradition of American folk music in my view.

Haven't seem the exhibit yet. Hope it does him justice.