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Posted By: Becca72
05-Jul-08 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this a feline record?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this a feline record?
I awoke this morning to a new trick. I have 2 closets in my very small apartment. The one in the back I use as my everyday clothes closet and the one in the front is for storage of crap I don't use but can't bring myself to get rid of. I KNOW the front closet door was shut and latched (the water heater is in there) and I have never seen the cats open it before. Well, this morning I go into the livingroom to find the closet door wide open and a solitary tiny doll denim jacket in the middle of the floor. NO idea how they got in there or where they got the jacket (it must have been in a box of toys from my childhood). It was rather creepy. As referenced in the "dreams that stay with us" thread, a few months ago I had a dream of a little troll-like creature (think of the movie Cat's Eye) loose in the apartment trying to kill the cats. Gave me the shivers!