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Posted By: Bee
05-Jul-08 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is this a feline record?
Subject: RE: BS: Is this a feline record?
Becca, maybe the cats got in first licks, and the troll has been demolished. (And yes, that is kinda creepy!)

I find it interesting that cats vary so much in evident intelligence. The smartest cat I ever had was a huge, lazy, short-haired tuxedo, of exceedingly mild disposition. That cat thought about things. He learned how to open the bathroom door, and the cupboard doors. He was an observer of humans and other animals. He liked to play fetch with rolled up socks - but not for long, it was too much work. I always had the feeling he desperately wanted to be able to talk to me. He was the kind of cat who recognizes human moods and acts accordingly. He once led a raccoon home, apparently as a buddy, stopping frequently to let the raccoon overcome its fear and catch up with him. The two socialized for several days, sitting quietly a foot or two apart on the veranda, then the raccoon disappeared.

But his evil sister, who I also owned, was not bright at all, and specialized in being ornery. She was black, with a flat face and yellow eyes, and would sit on the fridge and glare at guests. She hated her own kittens and refused to feed them, looking in their box and growling at them as they mewed piteously - there was nothing physically wrong with her, she just rejected them. I ended up feeding them myself.