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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
07-Jul-08 - 07:18 AM
Thread Name: What counts as young?
Subject: RE: What counts as young?
Its a weird thing. You see these brilliant young classical musicians and you see these bright exuberant pop musicians.

Somehow it doesn't really work with folkmusic. Dylan managed to affect a world weary tone and overcame limitations of instrumental technique on his first album - but I can't really think of anybody else who pulled it off.

I think many people who DID get a break when they were young (in that era when people were getting breaks!) probably looks back and wishes the break had come when they were more mature.

I've been interested in the poet, Patrick Kavanagh recently. He stipulated that grants from his estate should go to Irish poets in need in their middle years. Perhaps this reflected his years of greatest hardship - the thing is that John Keats wouldn't have qualified for one of his grants.

Theres no simplistic answer - some people seem to hit their creative peak differently to others.

About thirty years ago I did this Open University Summer School. I met this Welsh nationalist ex-miner called Gwynn Philips, he was 78 years old and doing the foundation course like me. He was getting better grades than me, he was more creative, more witty, more alive, more young! than I think I have ever been.