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Posted By: RTim
09-Jul-08 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Whilst the Gamekeepers lie Sleeping
Collected by George Gardiner from Charles Bull of Marchwood June 1907 - I believe he actually lived at Longdown when collected from, which is between Marchwood and Ashurst. However, when younger he lived in the Magazine Cottages, Magazine Lane, Marchwood, and his father - Samuel, lived at Longdown and worked as a shepherd.

These are the actual Bull words, not the Purslow amended version using Ray's words, etc., to be sung with Bull's tune.

I had a dog in my father's care,
'Twas in his care and keeping,
To catch some game was my intent,
While keepers they lie sleeping.

My dog and I now scent could tell,
All around their habitation,
So up jumps one and away she runs,
Right into the plantation.

"Tan, tan" she holloed, "tan, tan" she cried,
"There's something stops me running,"
I says "be still you silly thing,
For your Uncle's just a-coming."

My dog and I now scent could tell,
Twas in a field on further,
Up jumps one and away she run,
My dog and she struck murder.

I picked her up and I cracked her crown,
And in my pocket I put her,
Thinks I to myself "I better be off,
Before the keeper's coming."

I went into a neighbour's house,
And asked what they would give me,
They said they'd give me a crown a brace,
If I could bring them fifty.

I went into a public house,
There I sat and got mellow,
I spent that crown and another one too,
Wasn't I a jolly fellow?

Tim Radford