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Posted By: GUEST,WYS at Ed's
09-Jul-08 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Small' Strokes
Subject: RE: BS: 'Small' Strokes
Brain fine, puder at techie's. By the time it gets back we'll be ion vacay; I'll check in as I can from here, and there.

Caff program working well.

ANother odd effect (upside) is that problem-solving that used to take weeks now goes from idea to solution to implementation, boom. I had really been chasing my tail trying to "think" through various practical challenges. Now I "see" a solution as soon as I relax, and it's done, successfully, within the day. This is not just the caff-- been going on since perimenopause hormones settled down-- but I find I'm relying in it more and more and it's part of my new "wiring."

One neat solution is a new portable autoharp stand that fits, along with everything else for solo gigging, into a lightweight cart. I have not been this portable since I started playing-- had to wait till laptops became the norm and a minimalist laptop stand jumped out at me one day.

Another great thing in process now is a travel set of accessibility/accommodative stuff that used to take a whole trunk, and now will fit into a pull-along bag (small enmough to fit under an airplane seat).

This all will mean that if the puder is dead, oh well. I have a nice old laptop case presently holding my 2 external hard drives.

It's all about lightweight portability. I must be headed somewhere. Can't wait to see where, why, and what. :~)