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09-Jul-08 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: What counts as young?
Subject: RE: What counts as young?
Folknacious said
"I read somewhere that Bob Copper still thought he was 29 in his head. He was around 85 externally at the time."

I can assure you that Bob Copper not only thought he was 29, he acted as though he were 29! His stamina was quite remarkable for a man of his age and his willpower enormous. On our many trips to America he would over 'indulge' himself and yet rise early the next day cheerful and ready to do it all over again - unlike the rest of the family. On his 85th birthday he walked 9 miles and enjoyed himself immensely. He was never 'old' in the worst sense of the word and enjoyed nothing more than mastering his computer and the mysteries of email which he saw as an essential means of modern communication (although he viewed conventional letter writing as both an art and a pleasure). He would have been most amused at the appellation given to his grandchildren, 'The Young Coppers' - only one of them is under 30!