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Posted By: Newport Boy
09-Jul-08 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Across the Hills (Leon Rosselson)
Subject: Chords Add: ACROSS THE HILLS (Leon Rosselson)
I have this from a CND song leaflet 40 years ago. It's in Em & E, which reflects the tone of the two voices.

(Em)Across the (D)hills black clouds are (Em)sweeping
Carrying (D)poison far and (Em)wide
And the (Em)grass has (D)blackened (Em)underfoot
And the (Em)rose has (D)withered and (Em)died

(E)But the rose is still as red now and the grass is still as green
And it must have been a (B7)shadow in the (E)distance you have (A)seen
Yes it (E)must have been a (B7)shadow you have (E)seen. (Em)