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Posted By: Dan Veselitza
15-Mar-98 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: This Town (Dave Mallett)
Subject: RE: want ID, lyrics: This Town
Many Thanks. I didn't think I'd find out, and here it is right away. A major score!

The song brought tears to my eyes when I heard it that one time. I remember where I was driving when I heard it. I expected to hear A LOT more of it. I need to hear it again to see if it's great or if it was just the crisis moment in my life that it hit me in.

I did some homework, but it didn't work for me. I called WFUV, but at the wrong time the next day. They try to help but they also have real work to do.

Before posting here I searched in WWW and DejaNews. I also searched WWW for "lyrics search", which led me to Mudcat.

There are many many songs named "This Town". I gather that "This Town" is also the exact title of this one. It sounded professionally recorded, so presumably he made a tape or CD, though maybe only hundreds sold.

General comments: I have a problem with the radio, especially when listening to other-than-top-40 stations. When I hear something rare and great, I run the risk of never hearing it again. As a kid in the primitive '60s and '70s, I dreamed of some device that would tape what I was hearing as I heard it, so that I could collect my favorites as I realized them (which usually hits me after the song ends).

Tape recorders and VCRs don't quite fulfill this - I still don't tape as I watch / listen in hopes of snagging the irreplaceable moment as it goes by.

CDs don't completely fulfill this. The 100-CD jukeboxes get us closer, but my dream from the '60s was a galactic jukebox with everything in it and hyperlinks that grow with user inputs.

Also, this message base seems to strip out e-mail addressses. Let's see. Mine is between these brackets: []. dv