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Posted By: Midchuck
06-Jun-00 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: Mimi Baez very ill
Subject: RE: Mimi Baez very ill
That's a hell of a bummer to start the day out with.

In law school, I lived a few blocks from Harvard Square (in the low-rent direction, I hasten to add - and I didn't attend Harvard, I went across the bridge) and spent many evenings avoiding study at the Club 47. Saw Mimi and Dick every time they were there that I could get away. He was the only good rock-and-roll fretted dulcimer player there ever was, until the guy who plays with Boiled in Lead, whose name I don't have available, came along.

I remember Memorial Day '66 as clearly as most people my age remember 11/22/63.

Never understood Mimi not achieving the same prominence her sister did. Their abilities were on a par, for my money.

Question: Why does the post refer to "Mimi Baez? As far as I know, she always kept the name, Farina (little squiggly thing over the "n" omitted because I don't know how to insert it, not 'cause I don't know how it's spelled). She uses it in the website linked above.

Is this a feminist's belief that a woman shouldn't be allowed to use her husband's name even if she chooses to, or a feeling that her maiden name should be used because her sister is better known and so more people will recognize it? I would argue with either theory.