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Posted By: Joe Offer
17-Mar-98 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: This Town (Dave Mallett)
Subject: Lyr Add: THIS TOWN (Dave Mallett)
by Dave Mallett
©1993 Forerunner Music - ASCAP

This town's got rich folks dying
Right down beside the poor.
Limousines and widows cryin'
Victims of the lonely war.
Caviar and beans and bacon
lines up at the grocery store
This town's got a hard hat river
Sleepin' pilgrims on the shore.

This town's got folks on nothin'
Bundled up in broke down cars
College kids in BMW's
Parked in front of all night bars
This town's got a small time rumble
This town's got a big time roar
Barkin' dogs and lots of people
Swingin' fists and slammin' doors.

This town's got dreams aplenty
Some are wasted, some are new
This town taught me that it ain't
What you know, boy, it's what you do.
This town's got a ragin' fever
On a hot ole' July night
Me, I'm one more true believer
Tryin' hard to get it right.

This town's got a poor man's muscle
This town's got a rich man's clout
Half a million fools a flyin'
Comin' in and gettin' out
This town is rough and ready
For whatever might come down
Right now I'm holdin' steady
And hangin' on here in this town.