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Posted By: Ferrara
22-Jul-08 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Angelique-O / Angelico
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Angelique-O / Angelico
It's funny. A lot of old pop songs have been popping into my mind this last few days, songs I had forgotten I knew. I didn't remember the verses of Angelique-O but the chorus popped into my mind immediately.

I had a book of "Caribbean" songs in my teens that contained a song called "Send Her Back to Her Mama." Wonder if they are related? The words were not very singable and it seems like a Tin Pan Alley rip-off. The first verse & chorus went like this. (Can you believe I still remember this Stuff?)

The native girls down in the Islands
Are wearing powder and paint
Fancy clothes and even nylons,
It's hard to tell who is and who aint.
The native man don't care for glamor,
Much prefer old fashioned way,
"Send her back to her mama,"
That's the story down there today.

If she never rub-rub, bust the suds in a tub,
Send Her Back to Her Ma
If she wear fancy clothes, nail polish on her toes,
Send Her Back to Her Ma
If she can't tell when it's a rooster or hen,
Send Her Back to Her Ma,
She may look awful nice but if she burn up the rice
Send Her Back to Her Ma